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This Christmas, why not do something different and give a lasting gift to your loved ones. You can add special meaning to your Christmas and give a gift that will provide comfort, love and hope to a family facing the devastating loss of their child.

We are offering families the opportunity to donate a memory bag or memory box in loving memory of a child gone too soon, it could be your child or the child of someone you know. It is a lovely way to acknowledge them this Christmas and it will go to another family facing devastating loss.

On average every month we donate around 40 memory boxes and 50 miscarriage bags. This is more than one box and one bag every single day in the Brisbane area alone. Sadly, families are dealing with this tragic reality whilst often feeling alone and isolated. Every memory box and miscarriage bag delivered by Precious Wings is donated because of your generosity! Your donations mean an enormous amount to us and the families that receive the Precious Wings gift of hope and love. 

  • $10 will provide parents who have lost their baby through miscarriage, a memory bag acknowledging their loss and providing items to remember their baby with.

  • $50 will provide a family facing the loss of their child with a memory box to create and keep precious memories. It is also something beautiful for them to hold onto when leaving hospital with empty arms


If you are donating in memory of a baby or child, we will send either yourself or the family whose child you are donating in memory of, an ecard email detailing your donation. We will include in the ecard a photo of the dedication card (as below) that will be placed on the inside lid of the memory box/es.

Please fill in the form below to enable us to send this ecard to either yourself or the recipient's email address. After you have completed the form please continue to the RBWH Foundation donation website: When you get to Donation Details and Campaign scroll down and click Precious Wings – This is to ensure the donations are directed to the right campaign.

Or you can direct debit:

BSB#             034-143

Account#     10-8866

Name            Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation

Branch          Westpac Newstead

At the end of your name please put – Precious Wings.

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