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Baby Boxes

" I imagine how different my walk out of the hospital may have been, had I had something like this to hold on to. Once a loved one dies the memories are such a treasure, to deliver them like this is a beautiful custom, much more comforting for parents."


Our baby boxes are for babies that pass away from approximately 16 weeks gestation up to the age of approximately 1 year of age from any cause. Each box is unique and contains the following:


  • 2 identical teddies, one to go with the baby and one for the family to keep (when it is time to say goodbye, parents often swap the teddies, so the baby has the one with the parents smell and the parents have one with the child's)

  • A scented soy candle

  • A soft face washer to enable the family to wash their baby or give them a bath 

  • A blanket or muslin wrap to wrap them in

  • A beautiful bag to place a lock of their hair

  • Seeds to plant in remembrance of their baby

  • Photo frame

  • Journal and pen

  • Card with a meaningful quote

  • I Can't Talk Card

  • Tissues

  • Recognition of a Precious Life Certificate

  • 'Hope in a Box' ornament

  • Handmade card for staff looking after a bereaved family to write messages of support

  • Precious Wings brochure with links to other support available for bereaved families

  • Inkless wipe kits (black and either blue or pink) to create hand and footprints

  • A letter to the bereaved parents from another parent wo show support and understanding

We supply boxes to Neo-natal Intensive Care Units, Paediatric Intensive Care Units, Children's Emergency Departments and Maternity Wards. We believe every parent who loses a child should have access to a memory box. No-one should have to leave a hospital without their precious children's memories preserved caringly and compassionately. Each box is donated In Loving Memory of a beautiful child gone too soon.

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