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"Our memory box was a godsend. Having the things ready to go so you can make memories with your baby, e.g. the wraps and footprint/handprint ink. Just being able to carry something out of the hospital was so comforting."

"Thank you for the amazing work you do in providing these beautiful memory boxes to Parents suffering loss. Receiving a memory box me meant we didn’t have to walk out of the hospital with empty arms."

"We received a memory box. I was grateful that we had something to leave the hospital with. It's still so special to us. I plan to share it with my younger children when they're ready so that we can keep their brother's memory alive. The information within the box was so helpful and the whole box was so thoughtful."


"It has helped us firstly, not to walk out empty handed. To know someone else had donated it in memory of their baby was incredibly special and supportive. Walking out of a hospital without a child is the hardest thing you can do. Having a space for memories and for info was, and still is, amazing. It’s such a precious, respectful space to hold your memories in. We are so grateful for precious wings and their existence. A space to say our child/ren’s name, give back and importantly, to provide a loving space for our memories. Thank you".

"Our much loved and longed for daughter born on her Daddy's birthday 24/8/2022. Our Precious Wings Memory Box gifted to us on this day was the greatest of comforts on a most difficult day and all the days that have followed."

"Those first few days feel so lonely and like you’re the only person this has happened to. As horrible as it sounds it brought us so much comfort knowing we weren’t the only couple that this happened to."

"A child gone to soon changes you forever. A caring place like Precious Wings helps you in that changed state. Thank you for all you do to help us honour our children gone too soon".

"It was such a beautiful comfort in the worst time of my life. It has given me a place to add special things of hers to, somewhere that holds so many memories and treasures of her and somewhere where we can now share her name."

"We received a Precious Wings box in the hospital during our final few days with our beautiful daughter Brinley Bonnie. The box provided us with beautiful resources to help create special memories and keepsakes. We loved that the box was in memory of another angel baby, and we knew from that moment that we wanted to do the same for another family going through the unimaginable."

"I'm a nurse who was in to position of providing one of your memory boxes to a recently bereaved family... They are incredible and the effect your memory box had on that family (and myself) is profound! Keep up the great work and I look forward to being a strong supporter of your project"



"Hello, I recently lost my twin boys at 22+4days at the Mater Mothers in Brisbane. I received what we call our miracle box my husband and I would like to know how we can get involved, so we can help give a miracle box to another family that don't get to takes their babies home. What you do is fantastic. When I saw the name Toby Gordon on my box I started to cry not because I was sad I lost my babies but because I knew I wasn't alone. So thank you, you guys are amazing"



"I received one of your beautiful boxes last week when I lost my twin boys Noah and Lucas after going into pre-term labour at 21+6 weeks after being diagnosed earlier the same day with twin to twin syndrome. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the box I received - everything in it was gorgeous - right down to the candles, the tiny nappies and all the information. I was given the box while I was at the Mater Mothers and being a first time Mum - I had no idea what was going on, what to do and felt very alone even though I was surrounded by friends and amazing midwives. Knowing that I was not alone was strangely comforting and I was so touched by your compassion and kindness."



"I loved the memory box i received for our lil girl Ada. The box was a perfect size. It is big enough that I keep lots of her memories in there now like cards, drawings from my niece, poems from her funeral etc. it's nice having a special memory box for her things. One thing I loved that was in the box and found it so helpful at the time was the organza bag for a lock of hair. I wouldn't have thought of it at the time but Ada's nurse who gave us the box showed me and then cut the lock for me etc. I love having it and my mum is looking for an old locket to put the hair in just like women did years ago after losing a child. There was a beautiful scented candle in there which I haven't used but I will maybe on her first birthday. It's funny but now when I open the box it smells so lovely and it reminds me of Ada. There is also a cute blanket in there that I liked to as it's something I can use or give to Ada's brothers or sisters if we are blessed to have more. I didn't find anything to be upsetting or not lovely. My husband just found the actual box to be useful as I said we keep her special things in it now and maybe wouldn't have thought of a memory box otherwise. Again I think its special for when we have other children as we can share it with them as I share it now with my 4yr old niece who was very connected to Ada and still is. Thank you so much for what you do. It's a piece of love during a difficult time."



"My daughter received one of your memory boxes last week after the stillbirth of her son at 39 weeks 4 days, this box has made her cry every day but it has also given her the things she needed to keep her going thru those tough times, Heartfelt came and did some photos and she was having trouble with her hair for the pics and she was looking thru the box and there was a green butterfly hair clip in there, she picked it up, and it was like Harrison was saying "here Mummy here's a hair clip for you" again she cried, her fav colour is green, we held a memorial service yesterday and released 273 purple balloons for each day his heart beat out at Ipswich. Thank you again for creating this idea to help all grieving families get through the tough times, it truly is wonderful what this has done for our daughter, her sisters and myself will be paying this forward forever for Harrison."



"My box is amazing! It was unexpected.. I go through my babies things from that box all the time. The nurses framed her prints, they scrapbooked her things- her name band her eye mask photos. It was absolutely beautiful!!!!! I added more of her things to it but I wouldn't change mine at all, my partner n I LUV it"


"We really appreciated the box you gave us. The size was just right. We loved that we had a copy of the clothes Oliver wore to remind us of how small he was. We didn't realise at the time until we reflected weeks and months after his birth. We have used the butterfly candle quite a bit and liked the photo frame with the message."


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