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Everyone who runs Precious Wings does so voluntarily whilst juggling professional careers and family. We are growing by the day and we wouldn’t be able to meet this demand without our wonderful volunteers. 

There are lots of volunteer opportunities that are now available at Precious Wings, thank you so much for your interest:

Hospital Volunteer: A hospital volunteer makes up and delivers memory boxes to their chosen hospital. They will have a member of the operations committee to work with, who will provide support. Hospital volunteers pick up stock as needed from our central storage (unless you are based outside of Brisbane in which case alterative arrangements will be made) and make up memory boxes in their own home. Another option is that the volunteers make up the memory boxes at the storage unit and they can be stored there and delivered when required. Some hospitals only need deliveries once every few months others need them at least once a month (Mater Mothers, RBWH, LCCH).


Events Committee: The events committee will help make this years Fundraising Luncheon event a huge success and hopefully beat last year’s fundraising total of $48,000. We have been fortunate to have engaged an events planner who will be helping us too. The main roles of the committee are:

  • Spreading awareness of the event in their networks and helping to sell tickets

  • Selling raffle tickets

  • Helping to source prizes for the live and silent auctions and gift bags

  • Helping to source sponsorship for the event (including table sponsorship which can be a very affordable option for smaller businesses)

  • Helping with theming, décor and how the event will run

  • Other jobs including producing the memorial slide show, writing descriptions of the silent auction items, designing the event program etc.

Initially the commitment will be monthly to 6 weekly meetings  but most correspondence will be via email.


Operations Committee: The Operations Committee drive the day to day running of Precious Wings and have a huge influence on our goals, strategy, direction etc. The committee reports to the board and each member has key responsibilities e.g. communication (inc. social media, newsletters etc.), education to health professionals, sourcing corporate sponsorship, raising awareness of what Precious Wings does, grant applications, fundraising etc. There is a commitment of six to eight weekly meetings.

Fundraising: We would love anyone that is interested in organising and/or coordinating fundraising events to come on board. We are hoping to organise more smaller events throughout the year to complement our main fundraising luncheon. Some ideas are charity runs (Gold Coast Marathon, Brisbane Marathon Festival, Bridge to Brisbane etc.), Trivia nights, family fun days, smaller local events like a High Tea (in areas such as Redcliffe, Ipswich etc.).

Making Blankets:  We are always looking for volunteers to make blankets that we include in our memory boxes. They can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. We need blankets of all sizes from 30cm squared to large normal newborn sized blankets.

Please email us at for more information on all of the volunteering opportunities available. 

Please email us at for more information

Volunteering for Precious Wings

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